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Health Alerts for Care Providers
Our epidemiology department tracks the spread of disease. To reach the Coastal Health District epidemiologist, call 912-644-5232. Check here for regularly updated information about the issues we are seeing in coastal Georgia. In addition, this page will be updated with information for healthcare providers on current topics of interest.

Information on Ebola for Healthcare Providers
Click HERE for information for healthcare workers.
Click HERE for Ebola virus disease information for clinicians in U.S. healthcare settings.

The Georgia Department of Public Health also has provided guidance for healthcare providers and laboratories and EMS. Click HERE for that information.

Updated PPE Guidelines from the CDC:
Updated PPE Guidance 10.20.14

Information on EV-D68 for Healthcare Providers
Click HERE for information on Enterovirus D68 for healthcare professionals.

Disease Reporting
demo.gifSendSS is an Electronic Reporting system for Notifiable Diseases. All Georgia physicians, laboratories and other health care providers are required to report patients diagnosed with one of the state's notifiable diseases. Both lab-confirmed AND clinical diagnoses are reportable by law. SENDSS is a much quicker alternative to Form 3095 Notifiable Disease Report Form. To get started click for a registration form. For more information or assistance, call our office at (912) 262-2300.

Additional Disease Reporting Information
Click HERE for disease reporting information for the state of Georgia.

Disease Information
Aseptic meningitis
MRSA Information for Doctors
MRSA Prevention Poster
MRSA Brochure
Salmonellosis Q and A
West Nile Virus
State of GA OASIS Arboviral Surveillance
Top 10 things every clinician needs to know about Legionellosis
Pandemic Influenza Facts

Chatham County Community Indicators
The Savannah-Chatham Community Indicators Coalition is pleased to provide a source for reliable community health and population data for Chatham County.This tool provides users with information to improve health and quality of life in their community. Savannah-Chatham hopes that community members and organizations look to this platform as a rich source of data and information about their community.
Click HERE to access community data and resources.

Physician's Guide to Chatham County's Public Health Programs for Children: Physicians Guide

Bioterrorism Agents
Nitrogen Mustard
Sulfur Mustard

Additional Resources:
American Fact Finder
World Health Organization

For more information about the Coastal Health District's Epidemiology team, visit our page on Epidemiology.